segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2018

Adriano Nunes: "To challenge who I think that I am "

"To challenge who I think that I am "

How many times I got away from me
To feel myself more and more and deep!
How many times I have opened doors and windows
So that illusions to my heart come and stay forever!
Oh how many times I just wanted to sleep!
The sleep of the afflicted and hopeless lovers!
Suddenly I am already amalgamated to you,
To this immense different love, love for sounds and signs.
Oh how the metaphors of being that I am shine!
Oh, Poetry, you have possessed me so much, why?
What are you looking for in my mind?
Oh I have even hurt words, trying to sing love!
Why do you search my soul, like a typhoon,
Devastating my silence and what does not want to be mine,
Everything that in your honor I want to sing,
Revealing me whole, point to point,
As if you wanted to confess me
That I can only live if I am composing you,
To challenge who I think that I am?
Why are you giving me a new wing?
What do you really need to find?
Tell me, please, where is the end of the aesthetic line?

Adriano Nunes

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