quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2018

Adriano Nunes: "I still do not know "

"I still do not know "

I did not have time for me
Because I did not know who
I was. I still do not know,
But I know that I also have
Time for that I think
I am at this implacable instant.

To me, that I am already that, here
I even dedicate all hours.
To eraser, pencil and sheet,
I give myself whole: it is the law
That I promulgated for myself.
In my writings other laws I do not follow.

Having infinity as an object,
Imagination as a way,
And beauty as a purpose, I believe
That in me I shelter a rare
Treasure: time as I want the most,
Which makes me write verses.

Adriano Nunes

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