segunda-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2017

Adriano Nunes: “Can you hear the larynx of graphite?”

“Can you hear the larynx of graphite?”

I have had many dreams.
And now my heart is
Complaining about me 
Because there is not any-
Body here to hear
Its beats, be-
Cause I am alone here,
With my endless dreams.
I think that I
Will use those wings
Of wax, to fly high,
Higher and higher.

Against my eyes
Its pleading beats conspire.
Tonight it might hear
Another beat, different from these.
I will be quiet. I will remain quiet.
I will not say anything.
My silence will be
The password of desire.
Can you hear it,
Pulsating unknown infinites?
Can you hear
The larynx of graphite?

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