sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

Adriano Nunes: "The quantum silence"

"The quantum silence"

The hour passes
Indifferent to the masses.
Everything seems
To have an end and has.
Even these words on
The anemic page will have
Their quantum silence.
Everything seems a bat,
A little dead bat.
Everything seems bad.
The ruthless Time
Annihilates what is yours
And what is mine.
The moment passes
And goes beyond
The sea of hopes like a bomb.
And it cruelly shines
For you, for them, for me.
We still keep hoping
To be saved by our thoughts.
Our arms are very tired.
Our eyes are just quicksand
And tears and tragedies and
Other asphyxiant instant of
Tears and troubles and tragedies.
What does Atropos plot
Against our uneasiness,
Our reasons?
Even this in our hearts
Finishes as a foolish fish
When caught by
A bait in a trap.
The hour flies, flies, flies...
Indifferent to the blue sky.

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