quinta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2019

Adriano Nunes: "Have wings, get out of myself"

"Have wings, get out of myself"

When I was a child I was
Free, as children can be
Free. Then, already young,
I thought freedom was to
Have a Honda or a Subaru.

Now, freer than ever, I
Walk unclad in my home,
Have wings, get out of myself,
And dive into infinity of what

I feel about everything.
Icarus enchanted by
The sky! Sometimes
There is someone close,

Skin to skin. I keep on
Alone sometimes.There
Are flowers and a desert.
There is an intimate fight:

A mix of hell and heaven!
Other times, I write
Verses. When I was a child
I was happy, as children

Can be happy. Now, not
So young, I know happiness
Is to have a piece of peace
On my mind. By the way,

Only that. Oh, my heart,
Say to me how that balsam
I find! How can I find
That? Looks like I'm blind!

Adriano Nunes

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