terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2018

Adriano Nunes:"It is more than a desire"

"It is more than a desire"

If you want, I want.
This is a crucial point.
I do not let passion pass.
I prefer it stuck in my synapses.
I prefer it like a gas
That runs through
My body leisurely.
It does not need to
Burn and die.

Oh it is my desire!
It is more than a desire.
Let the illusions transpire.
Illusions do not need to be precise!
But we can try.

Give me your hand.
Give me your free eyes.
This should not be the end.
Do not be afraid!
Just wait! Just wait!
I will give you something too.
Take my heart!
It will tell you what you should do.
Now you can fly.

Adriano Nunes

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