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Adriano Nunes: "The sybarites"

"The sybarites"

They went to the battlefield
With their precious and precise horses.
Gold and silver armatures.
Existence is that was outworn
And violently sealed.
Hopes had been born
Even for those who despise it.
They had everything and had nothing.

They marched marvelous
Against the great Crotone,
Of ancient Greece, a colony.
Dangers were unknown.
Elms with rubies and emeralds.
Oh Vanity was very valid
From skin to bone!
They had everything and had nothing.

Evening storm, not only weapons
At the hand of the warriors
Of the wise colony
Crotone: instruments, for
The execution of a sonata,
With perfect tuning were.
Oh how reason rewards
Those who possess it!
We are fools commonly!
Embellished with jade all swords.
They had everything and had nothing.

From the army wings
Their harmonic sound jumps
To the ranks ahead and, amazed,
The paralyzed view remains:
How every horse dances!
Dances, and do not fight -
What a dire disgrace!
History marks and erases
Without any mercy lifes.
Listen to of fatality the crumps!
They had everything and had nothing.

Poor sybarites without tactics!
Blood and pain dirty their covers.
Death celebrates...
How it is bright,
And reality becomes
A strange night!
These are the scary weights
Of music of chances.
Oh how their horses do not dance
Anymore! They do not dance!
They had everything...
And there is nothing.

Adriano Nunes

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