terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2018

Adriano Nunes: "Sea of Poetry"

"Sea of Poetry"

Under the sea
Of your fears, dear
Nifty reader,
There is another
Sea: can you see
It? Under the
Sea of beauty,
Dear astute reader,
There is another 
Beauty: but you
Do not need to
See it neither
Anything. Under
The sea of Poetry
There is a myriad 
Of signs and senses.
Every unknown word 
Wants to touch 
Your lips! There is
A tangle of dreams.
So just dream, and
Choose one 
For you, fastly.
Close your eyes. 
Now you can see 
The sea. This sea.
Just feel it.
Do you still want 
More? Oh, be wise!

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