domingo, 4 de junho de 2017

Adriano Nunes: "The night of Poetry"

"The night of Poetry"

I will be wrong and you
Will be right next night.
Because I love chimeras
Everything will be alright.

Ah, our illusions are so aloof!
Because I do not know what I
Want to do with this memory
Without your guffs and lies

Everything goes by fastly
Like a dream suddenly,
A dangerous dream that sores
And does not exist anymore.

For an aesthetic lonely love
So you are wrong and I
Am right tonight
Between your frenzy and mine

Between your unrest and my desire.
Everything seems real and shines
Because it is the night of Poetry
And in it my ridiculous rhymes

Can change any realities
(Are we fools?)
- If you allow yourself, without fear,
That the Muses say other truths to you.

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