domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Adriano Nunes: "With other skin"

"With other skin" 

Take out the clothes. 
Free of 
The eyes of others, 
Lie on the ground 
Of loneliness. 
Perceive that 
Life goes on 
In a counterattack. 
No hate, besides 
Feel the ode 
That flows from 
All will. 
The Poetry 
Does not come
From the obvious, 
It comes from the bliss 
Of what impossible 
Even would be. 
Now you can 
Look around 
And reveal 
The good news
To the land and
To the sea. 
Do not stand up
Sudden. But 
Before observe 
That a verse dresses 
You with another skin. 
Do not you see? 

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