domingo, 13 de maio de 2018

Adriano Nunes: "Mom"


My poem just wants
To say somenthig
About love to you.

First, undestand
My simple heart
That beats so fast

For everything that
Comes from your
Soul, and makes me

Feel very very
Happy happy.
Second, I left

My fears aside.
Mainly, the fear of
Being a beloved son,

Because your love
Is like an Ode
Written by Horace.

It is perfect!
It is eternal like
A Petrarch's sonnet.

Mom, dear Mom,
I know that you
Do not read it

In English, I
Know this, I Know.
But, I know also

That the language
Of love is just one:
This one that does

Not need translation!
Forgive me, Mom,
For my frail verses.

Here, I am, I am
Not interested in
Another aesthetic.

Poetry is naked.
Fully naked. I do
Not need any rules

To say to you
That I love you.
Look at it, look at

It: poetic rule
Does not serve!
Mom, my poem

Will photograph
You! Smile! Is my
Love! Just Smile!

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