quinta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2017

Adriano Nunes: "Judith Butler"

"Judith Butler"

She comes like a strong wind
That knocks down fences,
That destroys prejudices and violences,
She comes like a dragonfly
That in the air dances,
That gives hope to our soul.
She comes with her calm, as Thinker.

She comes like a colossal wave
That stands up against the hate
Of those who hate,
Against the nefarious dogmas,
Against the pernicious status quo,
Against hypocrisy. She comes
With her festive joy.

She comes against all oppressions,
Against patriarchy and its damaging effects .
She comes against binary conformism,
Against cruel censorship,
Against the dangerous stupidity of common sense.
Everything for her goes by.

She comes because she must come,
Because it is necessary to fight
Against the darkness
Of terror and ignorance.
She comes like a bird.
To teach us
How it is still possible to fly.

Yes, against tyrants she comes,
She comes like a bomb!

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